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atelier (at-uh-lyey) n. A workshop or studio, esp. of an artist or artisan.


Atelier 3-D is a private artists' studio featuring workshops in a variety of sculptural materials and techniques. We welcome all ages and skill levels to our classes.  Our focus is on building skills, knowledge of materials and sculptural techniques, with the goal of developing a personal style and artistic vision through practice and experimentation.  This is a casual and supportive atmosphere where play is encouraged.


 Photo by John Langford:


Stephen Dubov took his BFA in sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute, and his MFA at Stanford. He was tenured at Sonoma State University, where he taught both drawing and sculpture. He has generated a large body of figurative and non-traditional ceramic works which can be seen on his website. His work is in public and private collections across the country.


View Steve's work:




 Photo by John Langford:


Heather Tolleson is a mixed-media artist with work in private collections in the U.S. and Europe.  She studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Texas and trained as a painter before turning her hand to sculptural works.  She has since created a large body of mixed-media installations and abstract bronzes.


View Heather's work:



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