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Low-Temperature Metal Casting

This is an intensive, hands-on metal casting instructional workshop. Using a fast-setting silicone material, then casting in pewter (a non-toxic, low-temperature metal), each participant will learn to create 3 different molds: a bas-relief plaster and high-temperature silicone mold, and a 2-piece flexible, reusable silicone mold. The molds and castings are small enough so that everyone has the experience to work with all of the processes. Simple and safe, this workshop teaches you everything you need to know to do metal casting in your own studio/home. Come learn to cast: jewelry, medallions, chess and other game pieces, finials, drawer pulls, architectural-scale figures and more. All instruction, technical information, tools, materials and supplies are provided, including: plasticine, high-temperature silicone, mold trays, up to 4 pounds of lead-free pewter, and patina solution. Additional pewter is available for purchase.

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